• Drake Donovan


01/04/2021: “Dear 2021, please do not say ‘hold my beer’?”

01/05/2021: “After weeks of Christmas music, Mix 105.7 is back to our pre-holiday blend of today’s hits & yesterday’s favorites. If only getting back to our pre-holiday weight were just as easy.”

01/06/2021: “Realizing that 2020 was our last four syllable year until 2030. Sometimes you just don’t know what you’ve got til it’s gone! Pffft. Yeah, right!”

01/07/2021: “With COVID-19 again on the rise, we’ll gladly take a bout of Cabin Fever over real fever any day!”

01/08/2021: “Now that the holidays are over, the days are getting longer. Not by much, but they still are. This positive outlook on January courtesy of the optimists here at Y108!”

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