• Drake Donovan


01/11/2021: “Well on our way to forgetting how much we dislike Pumpkin spice for another year. Here’s to the coming months of Coffee Flavored Coffee!”

01/12/2021: “Last January we all had plans for the coming year. Remember plans? This reflection on an innocent time courtesy of The Mix 105.7.”

01/13/2021: “Let our music distract you from the onset of the winter doldrums!"

01/14/2021: “(sfx: Lawnmower, birds chirping, wind rustling trees with leaves) Just a few sounds of warmth to distract you from your frigid existence…Y108!”

01/15/2021: “Songs that can make you feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside…or maybe it’s your flannel underwear. Either way, enjoy this next song.”

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