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01/18/2021: “A smart speaker is only as smart as the person using it. Be smart. Remind Alexa to wake you up using the Sun FM skill.”

01/19/2021: “One day you’re young and care free. Then one morning you wake up and you’re into airfryers and the Bays Greatest Hits.”

01/20/2021: Work from home? We hardly work from work!” Thanks @KevinKeith

01/21/2021: “In our work from home experience we're realizing our pets are more demanding than any boss we’ve ever had!”

01/22/2021: “Stealing office supplies is far less satisfying in the #wfh environment.”

Need more than the usual 5 creative sweeper ideas a week? Put Drake Donovan's talents to work for your station for radio imaging with a monthly retainer for voice and/or production services. Contact Nate Zeitz at CESD Talent for rates and market availability at NZeitz@cesdtalent.com.

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