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03/22/2021: “Between caller ID and Fact-checking is there really fooling anyone on April 1st?”!”

03/23/2021: “Today, believe none of what you hear and half of what you see…be April Cool and not an April fool. A public services announcement from 103.3 WAKG!”

03/24/2021: “April 1st…The only day of the year when people critically evaluate what they read on the internet before accepting it as fact!”

03/25/2021: “Black shoe polish on the toilet seat in the executive washroom at work; still Comedy Gold. Happy April Fools From Willy In the Morning, Rock 101!”

03/26/2021: “Flaming bags of dog poop on your neighbor’s doorstep? So last century. Flaming roadkill on your neighbor’s doorstep. That’s just good fun. Happy April Fools Day and let’s keep it safe out there!”

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