• Drake Donovan


03/23/2020: “We’re all in this together…from at least 6 feet apart. Social Distancing with today’s hottest hits, Hot 101!”

03/24/2020: “For couples now working from home together, consider an imaginary co-worker to blame things on around the house. Around here, we call out “Karen” for not loading the printer and leaving coffee rings on the credenza. A pro tip from your at-work-while-working-from-home station”

03/25/2020: “You’ve heard of the freshman 15? I think we’re working on the COVID-19. Probably should consider social distancing from snacks.”

03/26/2020: “Working from home has its challenges, but ya gotta love being able to wear a robe to the office, nap on a lunch break and have total control of the radio!”

03/27/2020: “Some of the upsides of working from home, no one’s microwaving fish at lunchtime, there’s no wait for the printer and you get to pick the radio station. Thanks for picking us!"

Need more than the usual 5 creative sweeper ideas a week? Put Drake Donovan's talents to work for your station for radio imaging with a monthly retainer for voice and/or production services. Contact Nate Zeitz at CESD Talent for rates and market availability at NZeitz@cesdtalent.com.

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