• Drake Donovan


03/30/2020: “Thinking about how lucky you are to work from home and still draw a paycheck? Us too, but there are many in our community who are out of work right now. Go to (station.com/help) to find out how you can support those who are sidelined during this crisis.”

03/31/2020: “While many of us work from home, there are a lot of us who aren’t working at all…for ways you can find some help or lend a hand, visit (station.com/cares)”

04/01/2020: “As we’re working from home to help stop the spread, we need to think about those who are on the front lines fighting to save lives. Thanks for continuing to go into work from all your fans at the Mix 105.7!”

04/02/2020: “Furloughs and lay-offs are a daily occurrence in the wake of the world-wide pandemic. For a list of services and assistance for our community, visit (website). Hang in there. We’re here for you…The Mix 105.7.”

04/03/2020: “Music has the power to uplift, inspire and energize. We’re sure a few of you need this right now, so here’s one to crank up on Pittsburgh’s Country, Y108!”

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