• Drake Donovan


TAX DAY 2021

04/05/2021: “We all got a 3-month extension on filing our tax returns last year…This year, not so much. Don’t forget to file by May 15th.”

04/06/2021: “Last year we had to file our taxes in July instead of going on vacation. Good news, you can now go on vacation…if you get a refund by filing by May 15th!”

04/07/2021: “Another year of deducting work from home expenses on your taxes. Pretty sure that the PS5 you were lucky enough to get a hold of doesn’t count as a home office upgrade though.

04/08/2021: “Tax day is delayed again this year, but only a by a month. May 15th is your deadline to claim (Morning Show Personality) as a dependent.”

04/09/2021: “Hey fellow tax slacker, good news! The IRS has extended the Tax Day deadline to May 15th this year, so we can all procrastinate for a few more weeks!”

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