• Drake Donovan


04/12/2021: “At Star 102 we’re full of surprises, like finding an onion ring at the bottom of your bag of fries! Score! More music, more prizes and more fun all while your work…Cleveland’s Star 102!”

04/13/2021: “Helping you get ever closer to precedented & ordinary times, one song at a time.”

04/14/2021: “Yeah our workdays may all vary, but the one constant is that working sucks, even for radio people. I mean, yeah, there’s a lot of fun and games but we don’t get those prizes…you do. Sucks to be us, right?”

04/15/2021: “We at 94-5 Bay FM have come to the startling realization that we are ineligible for almost any contest in the bay area. Wanna know if you are? Read the rules on our contest page at 945bayfm.com.”

04/16/2021: “Get lost in a sea of musical nostalgia by flooding your ears with Winona’s Greatest Hits on 101.1 The River!”

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