• Drake Donovan


Updated: Apr 24, 2020

04/13/2020: “When ya think about it, during self-quarantine there are only 3 days of the week…Today, Yesterday and Tomorrow…and day-drinking is never frowned upon.”

04/14/2020: “At KJ97, we were surprised to find out that March ended almost 2 weeks ago. Go figure.”

04/15/2020: “Planning a spring break trip between Los Porches or Cabo San Rec Room. I mean the porches have those great back & front yard views, but unlimited ping-pong and darts are hard to beat.” Here’s another song while we decide….

04/16/2020: “You know you’ve had it with self-isolation when you consider cutting your own hair. Now, where is that Flowbee I got in 1995?”

04/17/2020: “Working from home never sounded so good (kids causing a ruckus in the background) or loud….(Off mic: Guys, Daddy’s Working!). The Bay’s Greatest Hits, 94-5 Bay FM!”

Hear produced samples here.

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