• Drake Donovan


Updated: May 1, 2020

04/20/2020: “The Best Music, The Best Variety, from our Bedroom….to Yours.

04/21/2020: “I sure hope they don’t close grocery stores. Then we’ll be stuck hunting for our food and I have no clue where Doritos live.”

04/22/2020: “As social distancing is expected to drag on until 2021 KJ97 is wondering if our mom’s offer to slap us into next year is still valid as an adult.”

04/23/2020: “As we look forward to “re-opening” our area, remember, 6 feet apart is better than six feet under..and also, wear pants. This public service reminder furnished by the pantless DJs at Star 102.”

04/24/2020: “When this is all over and we’re able to be out and about, what’s the first thing you’re gonna do? Tells us at Facbook.com/Y108Pittsburgh. For us, we’re thinking about a professional haircut. Y108 is great at country music, bad at cutting hair.”

Listen to produced samples here.

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