• Drake Donovan



05/04/2020: “And now, a Y108 Thank you note to mom….Dear mom… (sheepishly unsure of what to say) um, you look amazing… thanks for not turning this car right around and letting our dad handle us. Good call.”

05/05/2020: “And now, another KJ97 Thank you note to mom…Dear mom, Sorry I replaced the vodka with water when I was 17. I really didn’t think you and dad would notice. Probably because I drank all that vodka. Thanks for not murdering me.”

05/06/2020: “It’s a different kind of Mother’s Day this year. Here’s to all the brunches happening over Facetime, Skype and Zoom this year.”

05/07/2020: “Our tradition of waiting in a restaurant lobby for a table on Mother’s day because we completely forgot to make reservations is totally out the window this year. “Thank GOD”, said your mother. The Mix 105.7!”

05/08/2020: “Here’s a Mother’s Day idea in self-isolation. Whip out your phone, open a Dash/Mates/Eats app and send mom something delicious this Mother’s Day. Quick, before any of your siblings have the same idea!”

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