• Drake Donovan


05/24/2021: “When your daily grind gets a little too, grindy…count on Star 102 for better music and a lot of it to smooth out your workday mood!”

05/25/2021: “Ready for a deep thought? Even your irritating boss has an irritating boss. Whoa! This mind-blowing observation courtesy of 101.1 The River.”

05/26/2021: “As people return to the workplace, we wonder how many businesses will have to add a pants-mandate to their mask-mandates?”

05/27/2021: “Once upon a time this next song was on the radio, on TV, in a movie and in commercials. And now It’s back on a #ThrowbackThursday!”

05/28/2021: “Did you know that the ‘M’ in MTV, stood for ‘music’? Yeah, they played music videos all day. Kinda like Hot 99.5 but with pictures! Ah, life before Vevo!”

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