• Drake Donovan


Updated: Aug 11, 2020

06/01/2020: "Overwhelmed with sadness, fear and despair? Yeah, us too. Another song probably won't help, but it could. That's hope. That what we all need. The Mix 105.7".

06/02/2020: (BLACKOUT) Did not add any clutter to social media so that other voices could be heard.

06/03/2020: “With all that's happening right now, Star 102 longs for the time a short while ago when all we were angry with just one person: Carole Baskin!”

06/04/2020: “Doing our duty to play today’s hits…(snickering in background, “you said ‘duty.”) Well, well…all that hand washing, but you still have a dirty mind you rascal.”

06/05/2020: “March felt like it lasted two months because of COVID-19. maybe summer will creep along instead of flying by. A little wishful thinking from Y108.”

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