• Drake Donovan


06/14/2021: “Our favorite outdoor activity is bringing packages inside! Here’s more music to shop online to from Cleveland’s Star 102!”

06/15/2021: “Our music mix is as hot as the forecast! (hooks) Sizzlin’ country for summer, 103.3 WAKG.”

06/16/2021: “The beach, the river, the lake, the pool…wherever you go to be near a body of water this summer, be sure to bring some S-P F 50 and some S-T-A-R 102 along for the trip!”

06/17/2021: When your daily grind gets a little too, grindy…count on Star 102 for better music and a lot of it to smooth out your workday mood!”

06/18/2021: “You ever wonder if you’d be friends with your 90s or 2000s self? Yeah, you were a different person then, but at least you’d have music in common and our Throwback weekends on Mix 96.5!”

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