• Drake Donovan


06/21/2021: “If you’ve prepared for the 4th of July holiday weekend by mentally checking out days ago, you’re in the right place! Happy independence day weekend from your fellow slackers at Mix 96.5”

06/22/2021: “Professional fireworks? Nah, in our neighborhood, we gather on the roadside to watch the lights of the ambulances taking the amateurs to the ER when they blow off their fingers!”

06/23/2021: “It’s always The Fourth for some. Due to the fact that they blew that 5th digit off their hands last Independence Day! Just a reminder to handle those fireworks with care rom Y108!

06/24/2021: “Here’s to tanlines on your face from your shades and not your star-spangled face mask this 4th of July!”

06/25/2020: “The Neighbor’s kid is shooting bottle rockets out of his butt. Yes, America is back after lock down!”

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