• Drake Donovan


Updated: Aug 11, 2020

06/08/2020: “Taunt Q107 for wearing a mask all you want. Glasses, a back brace and headgear in high school made us ready for this!”

06/09/2020: “Congratulations to the class of 2020. Now go forth and make the world a better place. We’re counting on you! The Mix 105.7!”

06/10/2020: “You don’t need concerts, carnivals and camp to make a million memories this summer…you just need the summer of a million memories here on Y108!

06/11/2020: “A ‘Rachel’, a high-top fade, or a matted, greasy bird’s nest of Seattle inspired neglect…many styles of 90s hits to go with many styles of 90s hair…”

06/12/2020: “A summer without baseball, summer camp or rollercoasters would be torture if you didn’t have the Bay’s Greatest hits to keep you company. 94-5, Bay-FM!

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