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Updated: Aug 11, 2020


07/06/2020: “Don’t tell Randy And Jamie what when we refer to them as on-air “Talent”, it’s kinda like calling a fat guy “Slim” or a dumb guy “Einstein”. Shhh…. Randy & Jamie on KJ97”

07/07/2020: “Offering you a little morning motivation with today’s hits & yesterday’s favorites…its Jen & Tim on Star 102!”

07/08/2020: “Not so much a morning “show” as it is a cautionary tale of how not to live one's life…The Wolf Wake Up Crew…102.9 the Wolf!”

07/09/2020: “Flannels and Docs, Overalls and Timberlands, or Peasant skirts and Birkenstocks, whatever look you rocked in the 90s, we’ve got the music to go along with it.”

07/10/2020: “If all of the music today is played off a computer why are they still called disc jockeys and not disc drivers?” This mindblowing thought courtesy of Real Country 95-5!”

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