• Drake Donovan


Updated: Aug 11, 2020

07/20/2020: “All of the feels with none of the touching….Contact free delivery of today’s best Country 24/7 on 103.3 WAKG!”

07/21/2020: Just takin’ a sec to sanitize the speaker from that last song (spray/squeak sfx) There. 95-5 SUN-FM!”

07/22/2020: “It’s a shame they do some really dumb stuff thru such a smart speaker. Listen to Eddie and Jagg on your Amazon Echo. Just ask Alexa to play Rock 95 on TuneIn.”

07/23/2020: “Pass the Zima, unless you’re driving. Then it’s an ice cold Fruitopia for you! Drinking in all the 90s nostalgia on 103-5 The Buzz!”

07/24/2020: “Just one song can turn your entire day around…here’s hoping this next one does the trick for someone!”

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