• Drake Donovan


Updated: Aug 20, 2021

08/16/2021: “Rock 101 has learned that we really don’t have bad days after a recent visit to the hospital. Yeah, no one dies at our work and we play Vancouver's Greatest Hits for a living.”

08/17/2021: “Back to school ads still get you down? Us too, and we dropped out years ago!”

08/18/2021: “And now for something from the pre-iPod era of music…It’s a #90s #TBT!”

08/19/2021: “Our flashback Friday is filled with songs that were instant classics (hooks) and a few that didn’t age quite as well (something that might be a little off-color or not very pc by today’s standards). Tasteful or not, they’re all here…”

08/20/2021: "Rage Against the Machine Never specified which machine they were raging against. At Rock 101, our theory was the printer. PC Load letter? What the (bleep) Does that mean?”

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