• Drake Donovan


Updated: Sep 26, 2020

08/31/2020: “Now that masks are mandatory at work, we’re glad to be working from home where masks are optional, along with pants and shaving.”

09/01/2020: ”How you where your facemask says a lot about you, for instance if you wear it below your nose, it screams “I’m an idiot.”

09/02/2020: “In an age when we’re all socially distanced, the same should apply to the songs…Same Song Distancing…part of our No-Repeat Workday!”

09/03/2020: “The words of the Offspring never rang truer. “You gotta keep ‘em separated”…Socially distanced songs on a No-Repeat Workday…”

09/04/2020: “Same song distancing measures are intended to reduce the spread of same song fatigue. Just another way our no repeat workdays are

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