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Updated: Sep 26, 2020

09/07/2020: “(sfx:LABOR DAY NO POST

09/08/2020: “Non-stop’, meet ‘music’. ‘Music’, this is ‘non-stop’. I think you’re going to get along vveerrryyy well!”

09/09/2020: “Like 7 minutes in heaven, but longer. And more music-ier. You’re in the middle of 101 minutes non-stop!”

09/10/2020: “Music…an emotional time machine…instantly transporting you back to simpler times! 101-1 The Revolution…all the feels, none of the time paradox consequences!

09/11/2020: ““(sfx: TRUCK BACKUP BEEPS) Oh this? This is just the next shipment of back to back songs. (screaming at the truck driver) Ok, right there’s good! (airbrake hiss)”

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