• Drake Donovan


09/21/2020: “You gotta vote this November, just to cancel out the vote of someone you disagree with.”

09/22/2020: “For people “Running for office” they sure don’t look like they’re in running shape. We would know. This deep thought courtesy of the unfit, sedentary djs of Rock 101!”

09/23/2020: “Every wonder if there’s a Bizzarro universe where on SuperTuesday, people get to exercise their right to vote and fly like superman? Just us, oh well.”

09/24/2020: “Is there anything sadder than a campaign bumper sticker still on a car after their candidate has lost? We suggest Goo-Gone on that weathered Romney-Ryan decal on your Toyota.”

09/25/2020: “When asked about your plans for the Fall, clarify it they mean Autumn or the collapse of western civilization as we know it.”

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