• Drake Donovan


09/28/2020: “The Mix 105.7 cant wait until the election is over so we can get back to using Facebook for its original purpose, sharing cat videos and cyberstalking our exes!”

09/29/2020: “Anyone else see the irony of watching a documentary on the dangers of social media & immediately sharing that they watched it on social media?”

09/30/2020: “The CDC has declared trick-or-treating as a high risk activity for spreading COVID. WHY? Aren’t all the kids already wearing masks?”

10/01/2020: ”Remember those cold Halloween nights when your mom made you put on a winter coat over your costume? ROCK 101 Imagines kids in 25 years saying the same thing about wearing a mask over their mask!”

10/02/2020: ”Just because trick-or-treating is canceled doesn’t mean Halloween is. There’s nothing stopping you from dressing up and ghosting your ex!"

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