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10/19/2020: “The scariest thing to do on Halloween? Start thinking about Christmas!”

10/20/2020: “This Halloween, we’re dressing up as the fat version of ourself. It’s a costume we’ve been working on since Lockdown.”

10/21/2020: “Escape the stifling confines of your identity for a few brief hours at the end of October, more simply put, Happy Halloween! Nice Costume…The Mix 105.7!”

10/22/2020: “If you have to explain that you’re dressed as sexy anything…you might not be all that sexy to begin with.” Thx @JJKincaid

10/23/2020: “Oh sure. You can let kids walk right up to your house and give out free candy. But put the words free candy on the radio station van and suddenly it’s an attempted luring charge!"

Need more than the usual 5 creative sweeper ideas a week? Put Drake Donovan's talents to work for your station for radio imaging with a monthly retainer for voice and/or production services. Contact Nate Zeitz at CESD Talent for rates and market availability at NZeitz@cesdtalent.com.

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