• Drake Donovan


10/26/2020: “Some people are all, “fall back for an extra hour of sleep". But we realists at 101.1 the River know that it’s just going to be an extra hour of lying in bed scrolling thru our phones.” Thanks to Dana McKay.”

10/27/2020: Considering not changing our clocks this year. After all, do we really need an extra hour of 2020?”

10/28/2020: “Maybe by falling back 1 hour it will restore the factory settings on 2020. One can only hope.”

10/29/2020: “When setting your clock back this weekend, be sure to move the calendar forward!” While we add an extra hour to 2020, we’re now a month closer to its end!”

10/30/2020: “Here’s to all those working 3rd shift this Saturday Night…no extra hour of sleep for you, just work.”

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