• Drake Donovan


11/08/2021: You’re obligated to be at work on time. When you actually start working…that’s another story…

11/09/2021:.” Mix 105.7 doesn’t get all these people putting up xmas decos before Thanksgiving and taking them down on Dec. 26. They’re holidays…slow down, let each one breathe…”

11/10/2021: “We know there are some of you that need to hear this. Putting up your tree in November won’t make Christmas come any faster.”

11/11/2021: ““Wanna save money on your utility bills this winter? Maybe consider putting up your xmas lights in December, instead of burning them from Halloween thru Christmas Day.” This thrifty tip courtesy of Rock 101!”

11/12/2021: Snow in November is a direct result of people prematurely decorating for Xmas. You know who you are.”

As of 12/31/2021, I will end my daily posts of radio imaging content. I want to thank every one who has used this content for their own stations in the past 7+ years. This content will remain available on my Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/drakedonovancreativeservices but this site will shutdown sometime in 2022. If there is interest in purchasing the domain sweeperoftheday.com, please contact drake@drakedonovan.com for information.

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