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11/16/2020: “Thanksgiving weekend! Oh, there’ll be gobbling my friends. And naps! Lots and lots of naps! Q107!”

11/17/2020: “Giving thanks that we won’t have to have Thanksgiving with all of our extended family. Is that wrong? Um, here’s another song to deflect from our guilt.”

11/18/2020: “Providing the 70s Gravy and 80s Cranberry sauce to enhance your South Bay Thanksgiving feast…94-5 Bay FM!”

11/19/2020: “We’re the soundtrack to your holiday kitchen commotion! (pots clanging/drawers/Chopping/Oven O-C). Helping cook up a Thanksgiving feast with Hot New Country and Cool Classics, 103.3 WAKG!

11/20/2020: “Think of us as the dollop of whip cream on your pumpkin pie! A rich topping of Today’s Hits and Yesterday’s Favorites. Happy Thanksgiving from Cleveland’s Star 102!”

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