• Drake Donovan



11/23/2020: “Doing what we can to make your workplace feel more like Santa’s workshop. Making your boss feel more like Santa, however, is another matter entirely.”

11/24/2020: “During this season of giving, we’re giving you the best gift of all, commercial free country! What? It’s the right size, the right color and we know you’ll love it!”

11/25/2020: “The gift that keeps on giving, song after song after song…Today’s best country, commercial free!”

11/26/2020: “We all know the dangers of drinking and driving during the holidays, but also use caution while drinking and giftwrapping. Someone’s getting Roku remote and we’re gonna need that back.”

11/27/2020: “Rock 101 believes that Die Hard isn’t a Christmas movie because it’s set at Christmastime. No, it’s Christmas movie because it’s about a social obligation with a family member that you didn’t want to participate in that quickly spirals into an unending nightmare. Argument settled, now on to another song!”

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