• Drake Donovan


11/29/2021: “The 80s icing that glues your 90s gumdrops to your 2000’s gingerbread house. Season’s greetings from Tulsa’s Mix 96.5!

11/30/2021: “Star 102 doesn’t always eat candy canes, but when we do, we sharpen them to a dangerous point! Tongue piercing holiday favorites on Cleveland’s Christmas music station, Star 102.”

12/01/2021: “Merry Christmas from the station that gave upon being on the nice list years ago! From our coal-filled stocking to yours! Happy Holidays from Rock 101!”

12/02/2021: “Here’s to feeling the warmth of the holiday season, and, no we don’t mean whiskey burps & turkey farts!”

12/03/2021: “Your Secret Santa just dropped off another hour of Commercial Free Country…whoops, the secret’s out, It’s WAKG!”

As of 12/31/2021, I will end my daily posts of radio imaging content. I want to thank every one who has used this content for their own stations in the past 7+ years. This content will remain available on my Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/drakedonovancreativeservices but this site will shutdown sometime in 2022. If there is interest in purchasing the domain sweeperoftheday.com, please contact drake@drakedonovan.com for information.

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