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11/30/2020: “If you think Zoom meetings are chaos, wait til you’re Zooming Xmas morning with your kids and both sets of their grandparents!”

12/01/2020: “It’s a different kind of holiday season in 2020, but you can expect the same holiday cheer, right here!”

12/02/2020: “All we want for Christmas is for you to enjoy your holiday favorites on Cleveland’s Official Christmas music station. See, we’re easy to shop for!”

12/03/2020: “Since visiting relatives is pretty much off the table, you’ll only need to clean one corner of your house to feature on those Facetime visits with Aunts, Uncles and Cousins. A holiday cleaning tip from Star 102!”

12/04/2020: “Is there anything more comforting than the sounds of Christmas music? No, seriously, is there?”

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