• Drake Donovan


01/13/2020: “Cold, Snow, Ice, Slush…those are winter’s greatest hits. Thankfully, 101.1 the River has a bit more variety to offer with Winona’s Greatest hits.”

01/14/2020: “A Classic Rock Deep Thought: Did Clapton really believe she looked wonderful tonight or was it the 20th outfit she tried on and he really just wanted to go to the party?”

01/15/2020: “More Audio Radiance for our Radio Audience! Another 60 in a row starts now…”

01/16/2020: “If you’re at the age where your mind still thinks you’re still 21, your humor says you’re 12 and your body feels like you’re in your 80s, then you’re in good company here with the Mix 105.7.”

01/17/2020: “Another great day to ignore the news/weather and listen to music instead!”

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