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02/03/2020: “Heart shaped pizzas, heart shaped donuts? At Y108, we’ll do our best to contort ourselves into heart-shaped Pittsburgh’s Country…(stretching, groaning) Hope you enjoy it! Oooh!”

02/04/2020: “For as many people that say the love this radio station, you’d think we’d get at least one Valentine in the mail, right?”

02/05/2020: “Don’t have a Valentine this year? Remember there are two people who will always love you, your mother and Mix 106.9!”

02/06/2020: “Rock 101’s Valentine’s Day plans are as follows: Breakfast in Bed, Chocolates, Watch Movie, Dinner for two, immediately regret eating two dinners, cry self to sleep.”

02/07/2020: “Because we love you so much, 103.3 WAKG is changing our Facebook relationship status to In A Relationship. Happy Valentine's Day sweetie! Love, WAKG!”

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