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Updated: Aug 11, 2020


02/10/2020: “KJ97 dating tip for the day: when looking for love online, finding someone whose birthday is February 29th will save you 75% on cards and gifts!”

02/11/2020: “Star 102 wishes a Happy Birthday to all of our listeners who turned 6 today! Buy them a beer! They’re officially Legal in Ohio!”

02/12/2020: ““94-5 Bay FM reminds you that if you forget your Leap Day Lover’s birthday today, you’re going to hear about it for three years!”

02/13/2020: “103.3 WAKG wishes a happy 7th birthday to Debbie, our accountant who writes our paychecks. That probably explains her problem with math. Happy Leap Day!”

02/14/2020: “Happy Birthday to all of our listeners born on Feb 29th. Hope it’s like the Olympics, the world cup, and a presidential inauguration all rolled into one…ya know, cause that stuff only happens every 4 years….”

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