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Updated: Aug 11, 2020


02/17/2020: “Workin’ in a shop or an office, but singing about farms and factories…yup, sounds like you’re on the job with Pittsburgh’s Country, Y108!”

02/18/2020: “Stressed, Blessed and Country Music obsessed! In a nutshell, that’s KJ97!”

02/19/2020: “Not every country fan drives pickup, but at 103.3 WAKG, we’ve got the songs that’ll make your four-door feel like a 4x4!”

02/20/2020: “No matter how lonely life gets, if you’ve got Y108 on your radio, you’ve got friends (artist liner montage)…and you’re listening to Y108!”

02/21/2020: “KJ97 privacy policy update: Your data is secure with us…but singing along in your car in traffic can be witnessed by strangers…use KJ wisely!”

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